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Our Handmade Collection: Necklace created & made with Amber

Amber is perhaps one of the most interesting gemstones of all. It is an organic gemstone, spiritual stone.

The stone is not only used in jewellery, it’s used as a healing agent by ancient folk medicine.

The stone has accumulated its fair share of mystical properties in the Asian cultures: it was considered to be the “soul of the tiger” and is regarded as a stone of courage.

Amber is believed to balance emotions, restore energy and dissolve negativity, resulting in a long and healthy life. Confidence and good personal connections are also associated with this natural stone.

Our handmade Necklace is designed to generate positive energy from our knowledge of the harmony of the Five Elements, the positioning of and the number of the beads.

We hope the owners of our amber necklaces will wear them often to promote the cleansing of the mind, encourage their smile and boost self-confidence.

Caring for amber stones: use a cotton cloth (dry) to clean them or use a small amount of olive oil to polish and restore the shine to the Amber.

We hope owners of these handmade necklaces with cherish and love them.


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