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Symbols of love and items to bring harmony into a relationship

Wedding cabinet with hand printed lucky wishes and animals

Large hand printed Wedding cabinet, in red, covered with lucky wishes and animals with two doors, made from birch. Ideal as a storage cabinet in a home, bedroom or office.

Hand printed Wedding cabinet with "lucky" butterflies

This beloved bedroom cabinet promotes the hope of love, affection and harmony in the marriage.

Natural Jade Hand carved Fish “Seal of Love” necklace - very unique

This hand carved pendant shows two fish, one male and one female, as a symbol of the “Seal of Love”. A silk thread necklace joins the pieces together.

Nephrite Jade Earrings from Hetian with Agate bead

Gold plated sterling silver (925S) with a red bead of natural Agate.

Delicate emerald ring The emerald originates from Columbia and is set in gold plated, sterling silver (925S).

Hand printed wooden vases

Hand printed wood buckets with floral patterns have been used since ancient times for holding and storing water. Water is one of the Five Elements. Humans need water to stay alive. The Water Bucket is believed to bring prosperity, especially in the coming Year of the OX (2021). Many believe that displaying a water bucket in a room will generate good luck for one's finances.

Wooden vases with Chinese symbols

Wooden, decorative vase for holding fresh or dry flowers. Ideal for an art gallery or art studio, or for in the home or office.


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