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What does the Year of the Tiger mean for you?

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

The Chinese Zodiac has a 12-year cycle based on the lunar calendar. The Zodiac (‘birth likeness’) is represented by twelve different animals, with their own astrological meanings and personalities.

The new lunar year is from1st Feb 2022 until the 22nd Jan 2023. It is the year of the White Tiger.

What will the year of Zodiac Tiger bring in general? The Tiger, as the Tai Sui (Master of the year), has additional commitments and duties this year. In ancient times, many wise nations followed the planets, stars and the lunar calendar, especially for agriculture. The cosmic Jupiter is a planetary star that orbits the Sun for a full year of 365 days. Then follows it again, year after year. The astronomers call it the Emperor who guards the year, his name is Tai Sui.

If however your animal sign location is opposite to or on a side clash with Jupiter’s position, the Tai Sui, brings distressing energy to your animal sign.

Those born under animal signs with any kind of clash with the Tai Sui need to make special effort to be good and look for help to eliminate the negativity during that year. Not paying attention to the Tai Sui power may continue to bring bad luck in coming years too.

This year, those born in the years of the Tiger, Snake, Monkey and Pig need to be cautious and should take preventative measures throughout the year.

For the other zodiac signs , there could be challenges this year and in subsequent years and it is important to make an effort to build good relationship, to be careful and to be tolerant in 2022.

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