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Year of the Rabbit 2023

What are the characteristics of the Year of the Rabbit 2023?

According to the lunar calendar, the year 2023 is unusual because it has 384 days and a leap February, or a double spring year. Not only that, but if we have such a year again, we will have to wait 3283 years!

As the saying goes, what goes around comes around, and as the Year of the Rabbit is in the position of the star of the year, it is called the "value".

The "five elements" correspond to the four seasons, with wood in spring, fire in summer, gold(metal) in autumn, water in winter and earth at the end of the season: Everything in this world has a destiny, everyone's life trajectory is different, they are in different stages and face different choices, ups and downs. These are the norm in life.

As long as you live your life with the most positive energy for your destiny, grasp the focus of each big fortune and keep striving for upward mobility in your own field, you will be better off today than you were yesterday, and this year, 2023, will be better than 2022. Hopefully!

From a numerology point of view, life has its good times and bad times, it is normal. The total amount of one's luck is so big that the energy of everything is constant.

It is not easy to make everything perfect, including fortune and misfortune, they are all opposites, you have the side you want to look forward to, then of course there will be the side you do not want. You need to accept the equal balance.


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