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Amber Bracelet with elastic string.
Made to order Amber Bracelet with elastic string
PRICE STARTS FROM CHF 39 - please contact us to discuss the additional stones, ordering of the stones, etc. to ensure that we can personalise your product.
Standard lengths: 10 cm (Babies), 17cm (Adults), Option for >17cms.
Amber is not strictly a gemstone, but fossilised tree resin. It is believed to be a powerful healer and cleanser of the body, mind, spirit and environment. It is linked to the alleviation of pain, negative energy and stress.
Stimulate your the intellect, self-confidence and creative self-expression by wearing this beautiful jewellery.
It is also associated with the Leo and Aquarius birth signs.

MADE-TO-ORDER Amber Bracelet with elastic string - for babies, for adults

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