We restore, repair and redesign jewellery made from:

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Pearl

  • Precious and semi-precious stone

Hand made and finished

Hand knotted with Silk-thread , retrained and upgraded

Retrained and redesigned

Various repairs: We repair your emotional / sentimental items

The story of this pearl necklace

30 years ago this necklace was given as a present from a best friend. It has been treasured and frequently worn and when it broke the lady brought the necklace to us.

Realising how precious and frequently worn it is, and noting the awkwardness of the clasp for fingers that are aging, we recommended replacing the gold plated clasp with a sterling silver magnetic one, and replacing the polyester thread with silk thread, which is finer but stronger.

The silk threads are very fine and were sophistically knotted, one by one, between each pearl.

The holes on the pearls were individually controlled and cleaned.

During the re-threading onto the silk thread they were reorganised to ensure the perfect balance of weight so it is comfortable on the neck and shows off the pearls to their best advantage.


The result was Quality and Art ... restored with love and positive energy.