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Handmade, unique, personalised jewellery and repairs in Switzerland

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Great, that you found the Kora-Swiss Website!

We founded kora-swiss with one goal in mind: providing high-quality, smart and reliable products and services.

Whether you are looking for unique, personalised jewellery that will have a positive impact on your life, health and wellbeing, or you have jewellery that needs repairing (or re-designing!), our shop door is open in our shop in Höngg.

Each person is an individual and we work with over 100 different stones and crystals to design the optimal piece for you. Perhaps you want to Change your Luck, or the Luck of a loved One, recharge your Energy and ensure good health. We hand make and personalise the jewellery for you, in harmony with the five elements, based on thousands of years of Chinese wisdom, in our workshop in Switzerland.

The appropriate choice of precious stones, their positional placement in the necklace, and our knowledge of the Five Elements, Feng Shui, i-qing, the Zodiac and auspicious Numbers, combine to positively impact your energy and health.

But maybe you need a new pair of shoes, a dress, handbag or silk scarf or a present for a friend?

Or some designer furniture? Check out this website and then contact us.


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