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The beauty of Baroque Pearls

The word “baroque “ comes from the Portuguese “barroco“ which means imperfect, coarse or uneven when referring to pearls. Baroque was a symbol of extravagance and elaborate ornamentation in the 17th -18th centuries.

These are irregular Pearls, whose colours and origin make people curious.

Why are they not round or sometimes not perfectly smooth?

They are a twist on the traditional, classic look of the quintessential pearl.

Baroque pearls look elegant and classy and have unique shapes. There are 12 main types of Baroque pearl; rice, potato, coin, teardrop, circle ringed, cross, stick, keshi ...

Baroque Pearls have stunning colours that are accentuated by their irregular shape which add amazing overtones and an oriental feel.

Over 90% of fresh water Pearls are baroque.

Our necklaces are stylish, unique and certainly not boring ... come and see them on our website!

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